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Home and back again – to the Freeman Hospital, Newcastle.

What a bloody marvellous invention “home” is. Whoever was responsible deserves a medal. I’ve had a wonderful 7 days at home with Gina, her brother and his partner. We enjoyed a pub meal Saturday, lunch out with friends and a trip into town. The spring weather has been fantastic and it was so good to get out in it, down our local lanes, once being towed in my wheelchair by Gina in her powerchair (surprising what you can rig up with two climbing tapes and a couple of carabiners) and the second time, tentatively walking a short distance holding onto Gina’s wheelchair, walking stick in hand.

All these ventures were very tiring. My underlying weakness is still huge. But at least I can do these short walks and begin to feel that maybe, there is “more to come” in terms of regaining lost neural functions.

And of course, around the house, I tested how I will manage household tasks – cooking (on perching stool), loading/unloading dishwasher/washing machine etc etc. I can do these things, just more slowly and with greater effort. It’s a case of pacing myself and not expecting too much of myself in one day and taking plenty of rests.

But home is home most of all because of the presence of one’s loved ones. Wonderful to be with them , to be close to Gina, to be able to talk at length, discuss the future and what it might hold for us, without feeling “visiting time” is about to end.


And so today, back to hospital, this time to the Freeman. I checked in at 2pm and since have been clerked, administered, blood sampled, offered information about anaesthesia and the operation itself. Tomorrow my right adrenal/renal tumour will be gone. No safe billet for diseased fillet. Departed. No longer a source of metastatic emissaries to my spine or anywhere else. Relief.

Lots of questions I have had swirling around my brain for some time have been answered. However, there are always caveats. Nothing is certain until they open me up and get a good “butcher’s” at what’s inside and any complications that they will encounter. I am first on the list tomorrow so will be ready for 8.30am. With a bit of luck, I could be in recovery by teatime tomorrow and on HDU by the evening, transferring back to my ward midday Saturday. We’ll see.

I know I will feel worse before I feel better but this time, at least I know this is the last major treatment in this acute phase. I hope and I want to be home in April when the spring really arrives.


Don’t suppose I’ll be posting anything on this blog tomorrow or Saturday. Maybe Sunday you might get a “life in the old dog yet” confirmation. Wish me luck.


9 thoughts on “Home and back again – to the Freeman Hospital, Newcastle.

  1. Chris B says:

    Good luck Bruce. Great perspective on life’s humdrum inconveniences. Loof forward to reading your thoughts on Sunday.

  2. No luck required because you will win through this last challenge with your amazing strength, the skills of your surgeon and his team and the endless love of your family and friends, who will be with you in spirit through every second of it. Sally forth fearlessly bro – and see you soon. Love you xxxx

  3. I am so glad you have had a wonderful 7 day break with Gina and family. Tomorrow the final hurdle – you can do it and you will. Good luck – looking forward to you posting your first blog. Spring is waiting for you to enjoy. xx

  4. Sue says:

    its good to see you and Gina together in the pictures Bruce, but probably not as good as it felt to be together again. Sending you every healing thought for today and on, Sue and John

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